Former Convent of Santo Domingo [Saint James]

Next to the Punta del Viento viewpoint is the former convent of Santo Domingo, in the street of the same name. The Order of Saint James finished the construction of the Dominican Convent of San Pedro González Telmo around the year 1659. In 1778 the Convent was devastated by fire. The reconstruction was carried out between 1781 and 1786 by the architect José de Bethencourt y Castro. As a result of the disentailment (enforced sale of Church lands) in 1837, it became State property and was bought by a private individual in 1950. In the XIXth Century, Luis Rodríguez Figueroa was born in this house; an outstanding and learned politician , he was executed during the Spanish Civil War. The Town Council of Puerto de la Cruz recently acquired the building from the Rahn family with the intention of housing the Council offices in it.