The Martiánez Coast Swimming Pool Complex

The real emblem of Puerto de la Cruz for tourists is the Martiánez Coast Municipal Complex, a modern, inviting arrangement of large, artificial sea-water pools designed in a superbly original manner, integrating them in their environment , by the Lanzarote artist Cësar Manrique. These facilities, equipped with restaurants, bars and all sorts of services, receive around a million visitors annually. The complex covers a total area of 46,000 square metres. The very oldest part – the only part not designed by Manrique – is the pools at San Telmo, built in the 1970s. The second area, the central part of the Complex called Los Alisios [Trade Winds] was built in 1971. It has three circular swimming pools and a central island-bar with a 25-metre high ship’s mast. Towards the east is the third area, the great Artificial Lake covering 33,000 sq metres, opened in 1977. In the middle of the great Lake, which holds 27,000 cubic metres of water, is situated the Lake Island, under which , below sea-level, the new Taoro Casino has opened up. Originally this underground space was used as a dance hall. The whole Complex has recently been renovated at a cost of 17 million Euros to the Town Council and the Cabildo [Island Economic Council]. Scattered around the Complex there are seven sculptures by the artist César Manrique, which greatly increase the value of the Complex as a monument: Los Alisios, La Jibia, Barlovento, Homenaje al Mar, Raíces al cielo, Homenaje a William Reich y Demios. [the Trade Winds, the Cuttlefish, Windward, Homage to the Sea, Roots to the Sky, Homage to William Reich and Demios.]