The CIT (Tourist and Iniciatives Centre) in Puerto de la Cruz was created in September 1964 with the aim of promoting the cultural, popular, scenic and climatological virtues of Puerto de la Cruz, under the umbrella of the Spanish Federation (F.E.C.I.T.) and the auspices of the then Ministry of Information and Tourism.

This association is private (its members are the majority of business people and professionals of Puerto de la Cruz), it has no political affiliation and works closely with the local authorities (Town Council, Tenerife Cabildo, the Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Regional Government).

Sus consecutivas juntas directivas, siempre han estado compuestas por relevantes personas relacionadas con los diferentes segmentos socio-económicos de la ciudad (Hoteleros, Agentes de viajes, Empresas de ocio, Restauración, Coches de alquiler, Profesionales liberales, etc.).

Its successive Boards of Directors have always been made up of leading personalities of the different socio-economic sectors in the town (hotels, travel agencies, leisure industry, hire car companies, liberal professionals, etc). Its main activity is to promote the image of Puerto de la Cruz, at local or island level, as well as at national or international, by publishing brochures, advertising material, attending different national or international fairs, as well as organising events in the town. making residents and tourists aware of the advantages of the town (Tourist Week, Bavarian Week, caring for the town’s parks and gardens, concerts, folk dances , etc.).