Throughout its long history, the CIT has organised or worked together in exemplary fashion on different events to help give an international name to Puerto de la Cruz. Here mention should be made of its participation in the organisation of the now defunct Atlantic Song Festival and the Canary International Ecology and Nature Film Festival.

The World Radio Amateur Contest in 1980, the Annual Tourism Press Meetings, the organisation of two sessions of the National Conference of the Spanish Federation of CITs and the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Puerto de la Cruz as a Place of Tourist Interest or the 40th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Puerto de la Cruz’ CIT represented events of outstanding importance for the town, just as was the 1st Air Rally from the United Kingdom to Tenerife in 1988 with the participation of 18 light aircraft from different Air Clubs and of the Air Sea Rescue Unit, Don Alvaro de Orleans Borbón, Presidente of the Spanish Royal Aero Club.

Outstanding among the activities organised by the CIT every year, and now in its 34th , is the Bavarian Week and the Beer Festival run every summer for charitable purposes. Some years ago, in the course of the Festival, the Bavarian Folk Group “Die Lustigen Egerlaender” got itself into the Guinness Book of Records by giving a concert at 3,500 metres above sea-level on the slopes of Mount Teide.

Other promotional events consist of the recognition of people and bodies associated with the industry. Since 1982 the CIT has awarded Annual Prizes during the July Festivals, with the aim of publicly acknowledging the contribution of individuals or bodies to the tourist industry in the town. In addition, the CIT Badge is awarded to the town’s most loyal visitors.

Among the regular events organised by the CIT are: World Tourism Day on 27th September, Open-Air Concerts in the Plaza at the Iglesia de la Peña de Francia, Santa Lucia Festival, the Patron Saint of the Swedish community, tolling of the New Year’s bells at the Plaza de la Iglesia de la Peña de Francia, the planting of the Poinsettias in the town’s gardens before Advent and Christmas, support of the Reyes Bartlet Choir, etc.

Mr Enrique Talg, a hotel entrepreneur and a close friend of many in the trade, endorsed (among many other projects) the construction of a footpath along the north coast of Tenerife. The Tourist and Iniciatives Centre carried on his work, planning an extension from Santa Ursula to San Juan de la Rambla with high hopes for a successful completion.

A new promotion has been the 1st International Agatha Christie Festival, with the aim of creating a cultural and tourist focal point based on the stay of the famous writer in the 1927 and who included the town in one of her stories.