Away in the 1960s, when there already existed some 6,000 hotel beds in Puerto de la Cruz, a group of entrepreneurs and citizens saw the need to create a non-profit association to collaborate closely with the Local Council Committee on Tourism to support all sorts of promotional activity and campaigns concerning the town. Its main purpose was to support the growing local tourist industry and boost the economic and social progress of Puerto de la Cruz. Thus the CIT was born, on 22nd September 1964 under the Presidency of the well-known businessman and former Mayor Felipe Machado del Hoyo, and in the presence of the then Minister of Information and Tourism, Manuel Fraga Iribarne.

The CIT of Puerto de la Cruz was the first to be started on Tenerife. Over the years, since its founding, other notable professionals of the local tourist industry have headed the CIT: Juan Cólogan Ponte, Gerardo Gleixner, Juan Topham Wildpret, Rafael Ecobedo Hernández, Francisco Rodríguez Castro, the current Chairwoman being Hortensia Hernández. The efforts displayed by the successive Boards of Directors have merited the acknowledgement of the Ministry of Information and Tourism and have been awarded two Plaques for Merit in Tourism, a Silver and a Bronze.

The Puerto de la Cruz CIT finances its activities at present through membership fees, subsidies and grants from various Government bodies – especially the Cabildo and the Town Council – and the profits from a Bingo Hall which it runs in the town.

The Orotava writer Juan Del Castillo León, former Provincial Director of the Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Communications, wrote on the 25th anniversary of the organisation: “In a time of creative energy, the CIT, shoulder to shoulder with the Council, has been the driving force in the tourist boom in this town”. Del Castillo’s phrase summarises the history, philosophy and aim of an institution which is firmly rooted and integrated in Puerto society.