Puerto de la Cruz, “Puerto”, as it is popularly known, is a tourist town quite different from any other. Modern and cosmopolitan, in its heart of hearts it cossets the soul of a cosy little village, that “modest, peaceful village square with its pigeons” as Rodríguez Figueroa put it poetically. Next to the old mansions with their wooden balconies and tiled roofs, new buildings have arisen which nevertheless retain the characteristics of the traditional Canary architecture. Its pedestrian streets and quiet plazas evoke images and the essence of its recent past. Today, the modern and the traditional coexist in harmony, presenting to the world a varied yet tasteful urban countenance, inviting and attractive.

Close on a million visitors a year use the 30,000 beds available, and despite the modern times in which we live, Puerto de la Cruz is still “Tenerife’s foyer, so brightly lit and open”, as María Rosa Alonso called it. Tourists can find here first-class hotels, equipped to provide every sort of luxury, restaurants offering typical local dishes and international cuisine, as well as all kinds of entertainment and leisure activities. The tourist brochures sum it all up in a slogan with just three adjectives: cosmopolitan, welcoming, and fun. 

But above all, it has been given a privileged position by Mother Nature – rooted in the fertile and invigorating Orotava Valley, at the foot of the ever-present Mount Teide. Puerto de la Cruz was born as a tourist town and will always remain so, whatever time may bring. By its very nature, since its birth, it was destined to devote its life to tourism. This is the secret of the prestige it has attained and maintains: its Spring-like climate, its homely atmosphere, its tranquil streets, its liberal, hospitable inhabitants. 

In contrast to the majority of tourist destinations, any time of year is a good time to come and see this unrivalled little patch of Tenerife, the island appropriately known as the “Island of Eternal Spring”. Hundreds of Europeans who return year upon year, showing an impressive loyalty kept up over decades, feel that enjoying Puerto’s air and sunshine is a comforting , unforgettable experience that they simply have to repeat. A great admirer of the town, the Orotava writer Juan Del Castillo, said “in the Canaries, Puerto represents life, joy… Because coming here is always both propitious and an adventure”.